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Broadway Con Year 1

The Ultimate BroadwayCon Packing List

By On January 12, 2018

Hey there!  It’s me, Heidi. Here’s the deal… BroadwayCon 2018 is now 13 days away and I am pretty sure there’s no such thing as being too excited (says the girl who… Read More

Broadway Lipstick

Broadway Lipstick

By On November 15, 2017

Hey there!  It’s me, Heidi. Picture this: You’re super excited because you just got cast as the leading lady in your high school/community/regional/touring/whatever theatrical production.  Like…. this is SUPER exciting.  You get… Read More

Broadway Fan Mail

The Dos and Don’ts of Broadway Fan Mail

By On October 13, 2017

Hey there!  It’s me, Heidi. Ok.  Let’s get real here, y’all.  I want to talk about something today that may give me the black mark of nerddom forever, but I don’t care… Read More

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

London on a Budget: Harry Potter Style

By On September 21, 2017

London is the Mecca of all-things Harry Potter, but some of the Harry Potter themed activities, like the Studio Tours, can become quite pricey. However, there are loads of free and low-cost… Read More

Broadway Babes: Sutton Feature by Laura Marie Duncan

Broadway Babes: Sutton (freaking) Foster

By On September 15, 2017

Hey there!  It’s me, Heidi. The first Broadway Babes article I wrote was about Her Majesty, Patti LuPone, Queen of Broadway (and my heart).  Today, I want to talk to someone who… Read More

Wandering Thespian - Broadway Stitches, Once on This Island

Broadway Stitches: How to Craft Your Passion

By On August 30, 2017

Hey there!  It’s me, Heidi. I am so pumped to share a Broadway craft with you today!  Yesterday, I wrote a lot about why I love blogging and how to go about… Read More


Booked It! Be the director of your own story.

By On August 21, 2017

Hey there!  It’s me, Heidi. Here’s the deal, y’all… I am a planner.  I am a planner to the core, and I love it.  Does it sometimes stress me out?  Absolutely.  Do… Read More


Broadway Babes: Patti LuPone

By On August 9, 2017

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link.  What does that mean?  It means if you click on the link and purchase the product, I earn a small commission on it.  This costs… Read More


The Musical That Started It All

By On June 3, 2017

Hi there!  It’s me, Heidi. In my first blog, I talked a little about my love for musical theatre – really it’s rather an obsession, a lifestyle.  But, I don’t think we… Read More


Dear Heidi, tomorrow’s going to be a good day, and here’s why.

By On June 1, 2017

Hey there!  It’s me, Heidi. Here we are in Day 4 of my 30 Day Blog Challenge.  Today’s challenge was to set up a subscription opt-in for my wonderful, beautiful, talented, amazing,… Read More