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October, 2017

5 Truths of Blogging

5 Truths of Blogging

By On October 24, 2017

Hey there!  It’s me, Heidi. Today, I’m going to address something that I don’t know that non-blogger folk understand about blogging.  Yes, blogging is one of my absolute favorite things to do. … Read More

Heidi Serendipity 3 NYC

A Guide to the Best Desserts in NYC

By On October 19, 2017

Hey there!  It’s me, Heidi. Does anyone else have a sweet tooth?  I do.  I mean a SERIOUS sweet tooth.  Ain’t nothing like a dark chocolate brownie, hot apple pie topped with… Read More

Broadway Fan Mail

The Dos and Don’ts of Broadway Fan Mail

By On October 13, 2017

Hey there!  It’s me, Heidi. Ok.  Let’s get real here, y’all.  I want to talk about something today that may give me the black mark of nerddom forever, but I don’t care… Read More